Wellness Yoga


The yogic concept of wellness is defined as the totality of mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being and not simply the absence of disease or sickness.Yoga embraces all aspects of life. In today’s demanding and stressful lifestyle, yoga has become the need of the hour. The holistic health that yoga provides gives you the ability to endure the challenges that life throws at you.

Under wellness yoga, the yogic practices of postures, breathing practices, and meditation are simplified and modified so as to suit the participants’ physical and emotional condition. We also make use of a lot of assistive devices called props that help any participant to perform the practices with ease. Regular practice of Wellness Yoga will help you to overcome your diseases and achieve physical fitness, mental alertness and spiritual vigor.

All wellness consultations with prior appointment only.

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Deepen your practice and knowledge on a yoga teacher training course

We offer authentic traditional hatha yoga training that will transform your life and pave the way for new personal development. Our RYT 200 hours programme is designed to create authentic yoga teachers with a solid foundation and outstanding teaching skills.

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Yoga Workshop / Retreats

A vacation is great, a yoga retreats is even better

We conduct various half day or one day workshops on various aspects related to yoga and health issues related to body and mind. We are committed to help you build your physical coordination and dexterity, dare your limits, and realize an overall better sense of presence.

Here are some of the main workshops that we have conducted so far: