About Us

Kriis Yoga

Yoga is an Art of Cultivating Contentment

KRIIS YOGA was founded by Krishnakumar in 2013 with the vital purpose of bridging the gap between the study and actual personalised, individual application of Yoga.

Yoga brings you close to your own nature. And you become steadfast in who you are. This is the beginning of unlimited happiness. Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline that helps us to integrate body, mind, and soul and realize our true potential. In today’s fast changing and volatile world, yoga is our ultimate pathway to finding that elusive balance in life. Yoga postures help you to align your body perfectly and thus improve your efficiency. Right alighnment not only resolves physical diseases but also keep destructive thoughts at bay. Similarly, with right breathing, you detoxify and revitalize yourself. Right breathing makes you more creative and a better problem solver. However, yoga is not just about stretching or breathing or sitting with closed eyes. It is about how you live each moment of your life. It is about how you deal with different situations in your life.

Our Vision

We envision to fulfill the gallant cause of seamlessly integrating yogic practices into the daily lives of people irrespective of their age, predisposition and gender, thereby achieving greater heights in the restoration of their health and wellness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring to the fore the true ideology behind chakras, healing approaches to yoga, meditation, and the delicate energy balance that is actually the foundationof the asanas. We aim to truly impart the deeper possibilities that Yoga has to offer and guide you to a superior state of health and wellbeing.

Core Values

We take pride in and strictly adhere to our core values of commitment to our goals, reliability in our words and action, efficiency and consistency in our work, constant motivation, positivity and optimism in our attitude and passion in every step of our way.